Maps - Drive

  • The San Diego Airport  is the closest commercial airport and is about 1 1/2  hours drive from the start line.
  • You may also consider using the Ontario Airport which is about 2 hours drive from the start line.

Important 50 Mile START LINE PARKING instructions for those not taking the shuttle:
•    4X4 vehicles can park up Pinyon Wash at any time, just don’t block the road or other vehicles

•    Park in the “Narrows Earth” parking lot, 0.5 miles EAST of Pinyon Wash (the start line)
•    Do your pre-race prep from your car at Narrows Earth
•    When ready to go, crew can drop their runner off at Pinyon Wash then return and park their car at Narrows Earth.
•    We will be shuttling runners and crew from Narrows Earth to Pinyon Wash between 4:20-4:45
•    If you do not have crew you can also hitch a ride with someone headed from Narrows Earth to Pinyon Wash.
•    There is limited parking 0.25 miles WEST of Pinyon Wash, anyone can park here and walk in.