• The Lost Boys 50 is a tough ultramarathon that is run through harsh desert trails and over mountainous terrain. In order to be prepared and safe entrants must do adequate preparation and training; including studying the maps and directions, and long training runs in the mountains (20-30 miles). 
  • Potential entrants must have completed at a MINIMUM an official trail 50k race (within the race's qualifying time) between April 1, 2015 and the day they register for Lost Boys 50.
  • Registration is now closed.
  • The registration fee is $125 plus the mandatory $29 California Parks fee.
  • Shuttle service is $25 and must be received by April 17, 2017. You can register for the shuttle in one of two ways:
Option 1.) Select the service at time of registration on
Option 2.) Mail in the $25 check payable to Cliffs And Meadows to the following address:
Cliffs and Meadows
PO Box 461107
Escondido, CA 92046

  • Race is limited to 150 runners, after which we will maintain a wait list.
  • Registration closes on 4/16/2017.
  • Bibs are non-transferable and cannot be rolled over to later years.
  • Partial Refunds will be given as follows:
    $105 plus any shuttle fees paid plus CA fee (through December 31, 2016)
    $95 plus any shuttle fees paid
    plus CA fee (through January 31, 2017)
    $55 plus any shuttle fees paid
    plus CA fee (through February 28, 2017)
    plus CA fee (through March 15, 2017)
    plus CA fee (through April 1, 2017)
    No refunds after April 1, 2017